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Club 1978

Club members as they were back in 1974

Hampton Bowling Club was formed on the 19 April 1928. In 2008 we celebrated our 80th anniversary, after a meeting was held at Hampton Social Club. Hampton UDC laid down the green, in the new recreation ground on Wensleydale Road. Fourteen men attended the meeting and Hampton Bowling Club was born. The club membership subscription was five shillings (Twenty-five pence in today’s money) and the green fees were four old pence (1.7 pence) per player, including use of woods and shoes. The green was not ready for bowling until August so the first season was very short. Application to Middlesex Bowling Association was made to be affiliated and this was granted in due course.

In 1929, the first full season, the membership rose to 54 playing members and 6 honorary members. This was despite the fact that there was no pavilion or clubhouse. Eighteen matches were played however no Club championship was completed. This was due to the
closure of the green early in September by the Hampton UDC.

In 1930 the club amalgamated with Hampton Municipal Bowling Club and
continued to thrive. The pavilion was built in 1932 by the council and
consisted of an open fronted shelter with a seat on the back wall with
lockers underneath.

On the 9 July 1932 a match was played against the Middlesex County
Bowling Association Executive. This was a great day in the club’s history
as the Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Surveyor of the Borough Council
were invited as guests of the Club. Hampton Bowling Club won by 59 to 50.
A cold buffet was provided after the match and a prize bannerette was
presented to the Club later.

Club 1978

This photograph of club members was taken in 1985

The numbers of members fluctuated until in 1938 there were 58 and a cup was purchased for a Singles Handicap Competition. This was the beginning of the Club Championship. An Honours Board was produced and all the Presidents, Captains and Club Champions from 1928 were listed on the board. This was initially hung in the cricket pavilion, as there was only the open shelter for the bowlers.

During World War II the club continued to play matches, with gas masks at the ready. The membership was reduced to 22 in 1940; but by 1944 it was up to 53. In 1941 the list of the membership showed the name of a Mr. W. J. Hutton. This is the name of a club trophy that is the prize for a competition that is in existence today, and is known as the Hutton Cup. Mr. W. J. Hutton held the position of Hon. Secretary for over 20 years.

In 1950 the Hampton Ladies Bowling Club was formed and played on three rinks on Thursday evenings. The first matches between the clubs took place in 1951. The ladies and men’s clubs existed separately for a  number of years. In 2002 the two clubs were merged
to form the present  day club under the name Hampton Bowling Club.
In the year 2007 the membership was a healthy 53 and was made up of
27 men and 26 ladies with the youngest member only 15 years old and the
Club Champion. The members of Hanworth Bowling Club joined
Hampton Bowling Club at the end of 2007, increasing the numbers to 74.

Some of the club trophies were donated by the past members of the club and bear their names in their memory.
These are:The Lilian Cup, The Edna Tickell Cup, The Hewitt Cup, The Hutton Cup, The Neil Denny Cup and The Craig Cup.